1. Relations with Client Companies 4. Use of the Association Name
2. Relations with Candidates 5. Relations with Other Member Firms
3. Advertising & Public Relations Practices 6. Enforcement

Whereas experience has shown that standards of practice governing business relations are essential to the progress and development of every field of professional activity; and WHEREAS each field of professional activity requires rules peculiarly adapted to itself; and WHEREAS the Members of the Maryland Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants (MAPRC) wish to foster professionalism and high standards of ethical conduct in the practice of professional recruitment; NOW THEREFORE, the Executive Council of MAPRC has adopted the following Standards of Ethical Business Practice for use in the practice of professional recruitment by the Member Firms of MAPRC.

Relations with Client Companies       
   Member Firms shall observe responsible and professional business practices governing points of recruitment contact, methods of Candidate referral, and methods of establishing referral credit.

1.2    Member Firms will not act in a manner which intentionally disrupts the organization discipline of a Client Company.

1.3   Confidential and proprietary information relating to the business plans and policy of a Client Company which is imparted to aid in the intelligent handling of staffing requirements shall be held and preserved in the strictest of confidence.

1.4   No Candidate will be referred to any Client Company where the Member Firm has knowledge of the Candidate's lack of character, honesty, or morality.

1.5    A Member Firm shall not knowingly misrepresent the credentials or experience of Candidates referred to a Client Company.

1.6   Dividing or sharing Fees with a Client Company or with any representative, manager, or officer of a Client Company empowered to interpret, execute, or administer hiring policy is illegal, unethical, and strictly forbidden.

1.7   No Member Firm, after receiving a Fee, shall, by itself or by its agents, solicit, persuade, or induce any Candidate to leave any employment in which the Member Firm or its agent has placed the Candidate unless the Candidate voluntarily initiates a request for additional employment assistance.

1.8   Member Firms shall publish on their letterhead a Fee Schedule, Statement of Fee Refund Policy, and Offering of Services, or similar documentation containing all the aforementioned information, for each type of service offered; and shall furnish a copy of the aforementioned documentation to any present or prospective Client Company requesting such documentation.

1.9   In their relations with Client Companies, Member Firms shall not act in any manner which will discredit or tend to discredit the Association.

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Relations with Candidates       
   A Member Firm shall not represent a Candidate for placement without the Candidate's prior knowledge and consent; provided, however, that a Member Firm may continue to refer an active Candidate until the Member Firm is notified or learns that the Candidate no longer is available for a new employment.

2.2   All information provided by a Candidate to a Member Firm for use in connection with placement of the Candidate in new employment shall be used for that purpose only; and any other use of such information, except for internal administrative purposes, is strictly prohibited.

2.3   A Member Firm shall not refer Candidates to any company which, as a matter of fact known to the Member Firm, engages in illegal, immoral, or unfair business practices.

2.4   A Member Firm shall not send a Candidate for an employment interview without having obtained, either orally or in writing, a bona fide interview request.

2.5   Prior to each interview arranged by a Member Firm, the Candidate shall be given the facts then in the possession of the Member Firm or its employment counselor about the open position.  If the counselor does not possess such factual information, the Candidate should be so advised.

2.6   Candidates shall be referred to Client Companies without regard to race, creed, sex, age, or national origin.

2.7   Acceptance of gratuities from Candidates or applicants for employment assistance who seek thereby to gain otherwise unmerited assistance or improper concealment of damaging facts in their past history is strictly forbidden.

2.8   No Member Firm shall, by itself or by its agent or agents, persuade or induce any employer to discharge any employee placed by the Member Firm.

2.9   In their relations with Candidates, Member Firms shall not act in any manner which will discredit or lend to discredit the Association.

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Advertising & Public Relations Practices      
Member Firms shall not publish or cause to be published any false, fraudulent, or misleading information, representation, promise, notice, or advertisement.

3.2   Position listings in newspapers, publications or other media shall refer to bona fide openings available at the time that copy is given to these publications or other media for insertion.

3.3   Promotional mailings to Client Companies and Candidates, of whatever nature, must contain bona fide information at the time the mailing is made.

3.4   The use of "blind ads" to attract Candidates for general referral is strictly forbidden; and all advertising placed by a Member Firm shall include the full name and address of the Member Firm.

3.5   The employees of Member Firms shall use only their legal names when acting in the capacity of an employment counselor; and use of "desk names," for any purpose, is strictly prohibited.

3.6   Member Firms shall not engage in any other conduct, whether of the same or a different nature than those specified in this Code of Ethics, which constitutes fraud or dishonest dealing.

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Use of the Association Name        
Member Firms in good standing are authorized and encouraged to disclose and promote their membership in the Association, and are authorized to use the name of the Association in newspaper and magazine advertisements, letterhead stationary, business cards, business correspondence, and other forms of public and business communications; provided, however, that any and all such use of the Association name shall be for the sole purpose of limited and dignified identification of the Member Firm as a Member of the Maryland Association of Professional Recruitment Consultants, and any other use, or use in poor taste or use tending to be self-laudatory or otherwise undignified or unprofessional is strictly prohibited.

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Relations with other Member Firms          
A Member shall not act nor knowingly cause or encourage others to act in a manner which would disrupt the organization discipline of another Member Firm.

5.2   A Member shall not accuse another Member, whether directly or by implication, of wrongdoing except for good and substantial cause; and, in so far as is possible, will refer all allegations of wrongdoing to the appropriate Association body for resolution prior to seeking other means of public or private redress or disciplinary action.

5.3   Members shall not solicit nor accept nor use in any manner Client or Candidate contact information or experience resumes or other privileged or proprietary information obtained by fraudulent or other illegal or unethical means from another Member Firm; and all instances of fraudulent, illegal, or unethical possession or transmittal of privileged or proprietary Client or Candidate information, whether by a Member Firm or others, shall be reported immediately to the Association Executive Council or to the Association Ethics & Standards Committee.

5.4   If a Member Firm is involved in a referral credit dispute involving another Member Firm, utmost discretion should be exercised by the Member Firms which are involved to avoid discrediting one another.   Each Member Firm, nevertheless, will be expected to assert and protect its own legitimate interests in the dispute.

5.5   Each Member will take care that credit for work done is given to those to whom credit is properly due.

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Every Member shall advise the Executive Council or the Ethics & Standards Committee of any infractions of this Code of Ethics which comes to a Member's attention so that steps may be taken to correct the violation in accordance with the Association By-Laws.

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